Core Barrel

Conventional Coring

K.Maikai’s conventional core barrels are designed with elastic sleeve system.
The elastic sleeve can be helped core recovery up and kept original core condition.
Each core barrel series have specific usage:
  • GW: Standard type of core barrel & work from medium hard formation to extremely hard formation
  • GWS: Improve in the core recovery in fault fracture zones, alternate layers of hard and soft formation
  • ES-D: Can be used more drilling mud than GW,GWS for ultra-soft ground formation



Optional Parts

To improve more core recovery for different foundation, even using same core barrel.


Wireline Coring

K.Maikai’s Wireline core barrels are designed to improve the drilling efficiency and the core recovery,
and they are classified as follows.
  • AQ/BQ/NQ/HQ/PQ for vertical drilling
  • EQ-U/AQ-U/BQ-U/NQ-U/HQ-U/PQ-U for horizontal drilling
In addition, triple tube system (with split tube) is available for BQ/NQ/HQ/PQ size.
Instead of split tube, K.Maikai can develop elastic sleeve system for NQ/HQ/PQ size.
The elastic sleeve system can work to increase core recovery ratio and keep the original core condition
as well as conventional core barrels with elastic sleeve.